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While Doing Good for the World!
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What is a Santa Goodwill Tour?
Since 1985 civic organization members, as well as like-minded, adventurous people from all over the US and Canada have been traveling internationally, and have visited almost every continent! They stay in superb accommodations, are fascinated by the interesting commentary of the cities’ best guides, and thoroughly enjoy camaraderie with great travelers. During their time abroad, a goodwill visit is prearranged, such as to a home for the blind, aged, orphanages, a hospital – and the party begins! Wearing festive colorful “Santa” costumes during the goodwill visits travelers spend time with locals in need, making for a very special experience. Between the elegant hotels, best guides, incredible sightseeing, marvelous destinations, quality spas and more–a truly wonderful and memorable experience is had by all!

Do I need a passport to travel internationally?
Yes you do! US citizens are required to have a valid passport to travel internationally. (Your passport must be valid 6 months after your trip returns, check your expiration date. today.) Please determine with the consulate of the country you are visiting to determine if there are is additional documentation or visa required.

What kind of “gifts” do I need to take with me on a Santa Goodwill Tour?
As a visit to an orphanage, home for the aged, or such facility will be part of the agenda during your tour, take along small, inexpensive “gifts” to give out to those you visit. Simple items like candies, combs, soaps, trinkets, picture postcards from your home town, crafts, coloring books, and crayons–all gifts are appreciated! Remember it’s truly about your presence, rather than the actual presents!

What’s this about a Santa costume?
Traditionally passengers wear Santa costumes during goodwill visits. Alternatively they don something festive and red, given that Santa Claus is a wonderful image of festivity. Contact the office for suggestions and easy alternatives if you would like to wear a costume for the goodwill portion of your adventure.

I’d like to go, but I don’t have a traveling companion just now.
Not to worry – on a Santa Goodwill basic Tour, we guarantee a roommate. This means we will match you with someone else who also requires a share. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a share on the pre and post extension tours
However we are often successful in being able to arrange a share on the extensions. (Added bonus: over the years, we have seen many wonderful friendships develop from roommate match ups!)

I enjoy the privacy of a room to myself – do I have to share?
Certainly not. We can arrange to have you in a room to yourself. A single supplement cost will apply.

How long are the goodwill visits?
The goodwill visits are one of the best highlights of the international tour, and are approximately a half-day.

What if world events heat up?
Recently we’ve seen a world climate that is most unusual. If the State Department bans travel to a destination, we will cancel or redirect the tour, but don’t anticipate that this will occur. Let’s move forward with optimism!

Is there a video that I may see or show at a function?
Good news! The video is up on our website: Also you may see Santa Goodwill Tours on FACEBOOK.
If you have any inquiries, or you would like to make suggestions for future international destinations, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon!

Do yourselves a world of good while doing good for the world… !

Roxan Chen
General Manager
InConTra, Inc